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SOC 2 Management Review Procedure

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Done-For-You (DFY) Professionally drawn Comprehensive and Robust template for SOC 2 Management Review Procedure template is prepared by a committee of InfoSec Industry experts, Principal Auditors and Lead Instructors, under the aegis of  SOC 2 Compliance Institute. The ISMS Management Review Procedure template meets the information security compliances arising from SOC 2 Requirements. The document has editable 05 page.

SOC 2 Management Review Procedure | ISMS Management Review Procedure

Ideal for SOC 2 Implementation, SOC 2 Certification and SOC 2 Consultancy Projects, the SOC 2 Management Review Procedure template is prepared for you in user friendly MS Word, and preformatted in Corporate/Business documentation. The entire heavy lifting is done for you by the Global experts in ISMS, thus saving your enormous precious time, humongous efforts, and costly Consequence from potential Information security Failures.

The ISMS Management Review Procedure template addresses the information security compliances arising from SOC 2 Requirements,  thus ensuring robust implementation of the requirements including Global best practices. The Document has editable 05 page.

File format – MS Word, preformatted in Corporate/Business document style.
Editable – Yes, Very little Editing requires only couple of minutes, for example, replace the LOGO with your Organization’s Logo. Replace existing hypothetical Company’s name & Acronyms ABC Technologies, ABCTPL, ABC  with your Organization’s name & acronyms.
Content Contribution – Committee of SOC 2 Industry Experts, Principal Instructors, and Lead Auditors
Document Approved By–  SOC 2 Compliance Institute
Language – English
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This Document is useful for-

  1. Organization Planning for SOC 2 Certification.
  2. Regulatory Compliance Audits
  3. SOC 2 Gap Assessments
  4. Enhancing longevity of the business.
  5. Organizations keen for robust, resilient, and value-added Information Security Management System.
  6. Organizations keen to protect themselves against issues from SOC 2 Compliance requirements.
  7. Organizations who want to survive client audits.
  8. Information Security Professionals.
  9. Internal auditors of SOC 2 Management System
  10. External Auditors of SOC 2 Management System
  11. Auditors of the client organizations who are tasked to assess the ISMS capability of their Service Providers, Vendors, and contractors.
  12. Resources involved in SOC 2 Implementation Project.
  13. Students of Information Security Management System

The SOC 2 Documents Templates are prepared by InfoSec Industry Expert Panel of Veteran SOC 2 Principal Auditors & Lead Instructors having aggregated panel team experience of over 328 years, under the aegis of SOC 2 Compliance Institute. The Document is validated by the Head of the expert committee and approved by SOC 2 Compliance Institute.

The SOC 2 Documents premised on SSAE 18 requirements, Trust Services Criteria, COSO Controls and follow the cardinals of: -

1. Risk-based thinking (RBT),
2. Process approach, and
3. PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) methodology.

The expert panel of Information Security auditors and Instructors have conducted hundreds of SOC 2 audits, Lead Implementer Training, and SOC 2 Implementation Projects in diverse business sectors. Besides, there is a continuous calibration of these experts w.r.t requirements, inferences, interpretation, and audit experiences.

  • Securely save the original document template, and use the copy of the file as your working document during preparation/ Implantation of SOC 2 Certification Project.
  • The Document has hypothetical Logo, so replace it with your Organization's Logo. The Document has hypothetical company name ABC Technologies Private Limited, and acronyms like ABC, ABCTPL. So, replace these with your Organization's name, and acronyms.
  • Replace the text written in red, with details of your organization.
  • While the Customization takes only couple of minutes, sincere and serious implementation of the contents of the document gives you head start in ISMS maturity for the relevant requirements by 15-20 years.

Each document like any other entity has a purpose(s) of existence. Template is the empty form which is envisaged at the information Security planning stage for the purpose it is going to achieve. It has to be well thought of, which comes with experience and deep understanding of the the information security requirement(s). 

An ISMS template is a static document whereas a Record/log etc is a dynamic document when seen from continuity perspective. But if you are at week 42, all activities captured prior to week 42 are frozen, and hence historical record become static because History can not changed.

A filled form/template which captures predetermined significant aspects of the activity(ies) being performed in continuum becomes the record.

A record can be a log, report, tracker, and dashboard.

A record must have a traceability, and fulfill audit trail, including forensic audit trail. A record is an admissible evidence including in the court of law.

Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and work instructions are essentially the controls that are enforceable. Controls are of of many types, for example administrative controls, engineering controls/design controls, detective controls, preventive controls, Compensating Controls, and Regulatory Controls.

These documents fall majorly under the  Administrative controls that have organization wide over-arching reach. Any deviation or departure from the established Polices, Procedures, Guidelines, Work instructions is to be treated as non-compliance whether facing internal audit, client audits, Certification audits, and regulatory audits.

Earlier days thought process held these docs in hierarchal order as Policy, Procedure, Guideline, Work instruction etc. As per that, Policy provides Sense of direction, Procedure provides description of what/when/how to do method. Guidelines and work instruction go a step further in granularity for complex process, or where it is felt that absence of these would lead to non-conforming activity(ies)/results.

Over the years the policy and procedure are found to be either bundled or swapped for strengthening the information security intent, and control effectiveness. Guidelines and work instructions fill the gaps for wide ranging information security requirements. Here honorable intent of the organization is for maximum coverage. There is little bit overlap of the content should the employee refer to just any one of these docs in worst case scenario or access restriction to all of these docs.

Hear What they say (Testimonials)

Heathcliff Cholmondeley
Heathcliff Cholmondeley

I've been in the IT and ISMS industry for over 20 years now and I can honestly say that this is the best DFY SOC 2 Toolkit I've ever come across. The SOC 2 documents they produce are unparalleled because of the content relevance, depth and span. If you're looking for loaded InfoSec Documents then look no further, they're the best out there!

Escalus Popham
Escalus Popham

I have been working in Information Security domain of Various MNCs over the last 27 years and I've seen many companies struggle with SOC 2 documentation. However, when I found this Organization and saw their professionally drawn ISMS documents, it was easy to see that they are matchless in the industry.

Nevaeh Allen
Nevaeh Allen
Vice President, Technology

I was looking for a professionally drawn SOC 2 documents and after days of research, I found here the Ultimate benchmark in SOC 2 Documents. I tried their Scope Document to test waters and it exceeded my expectations. The team behind these products is also very helpful and responsive to questions. When I tried the complete documentation package, I was bowled over by how well-drawn they were! It's not just the expanse of the coverage – but a visible experience rich hands-on practical approach, they are Information Security Gurus in themselves. With this kind of quality, I will definitely be recommending SOC 2 Documents to everyone serious in InfoSec.

Obiajulu Adams
Obiajulu Adams
Head, National Data Center

I did not know how to create an information security document until I found this rich and authentic source. I was able to establish all InfoSec policies, Procedures, guidelines, work instructions, reports, trackers, and Records in a jiffy,  that amazed the Board thanks to the easy-to-use templates and professionally drawn ISMS documents.

Gifford Randall
Gifford Randall
Deputy General Manager, IT

The Information Security Documentation is the perfect toolkit for anyone looking to get their Organization SOC 2 Certified. The documentation comes with a variety of professionally drawn templates, which are all very easy to edit and customize with least effort, and offer loads of instructions on how to fix any issues related to compliance. If you're thinking about getting certified, look no further than SOC 2 Documentation from the Institute!

Lizeth Bailey
Lizeth Bailey
Senior Manager, AI Project

I was hesitant about the Documentation pack at first. I thought it was going to be too complicated for me since I do not have any formal training in cyber security, but once I realized that I just have to do very simple and basic customization as per my organization which even a non-technical person can do, I jumped on the chance to purchase their documents, and found it exactly what they have described on their website. It was Cakewalk establishing InfoSec documentation framework.

Blaine Eastwood
Blaine Eastwood

For the past 10 years, I have been working as a CRO in the financial sector. This work requires me to constantly spend a lot of time reading and understanding Information Security. I can honestly say that this is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to implement an ISMS that complies in depth and enormity of SOC 2 requirements. It is a must go-to-toolkit for organizations and professionals committed to information security.

Dalberg Acton
Dalberg Acton
Senior Manager, Cyber Intelligence Center

I am very proud to say that my company is SOC 2 accredited. It took a lot of commitment and dedication to get there but we are happy with the results. Honestly, I would like to credit these guys and their SOC 2 Documentation for giving us the necessary knowledge, and direction to implement our ISMS effectively with utmost ease. Thanks really.

Emiliano Estrada
Emiliano Estrada
Director Systems, & Technology

I have been working in the Information Security consulting industry for a couple of years now. As the market is changing, it became important to get ahead of the game and invest in Robust SOC 2 documentation. It was hard at first, finding the right ISMS documentation that could provide me with everything I needed - a set of impeccable Policies, SoPs, and genuine reference Reports, dashboards, and all other necessary resources backed by a team of InfoSec experts... I am glad I found one that's been doing it for decades. I am very satisfied for the phenomenal Documentation Kit ever to lay my hand on.

Rishi Mudgal
Rishi Mudgal
Assistant Director, GRC

The information security Documentation is designed for people looking for rare to find in-depth and comprehensive Information security procedures, and Cyber polices, and sample filled reports by InfoSec  Wizards who have been there, seen this and done that. For me immense learning, robust InfoSec compliance is the trophy and SOC 2 accreditation a happy by-product. Hats off to you guys!

Deiondre Coleman
Deiondre Coleman
Executive Consultant, Managed Security Services

I purchased this information security Documentation for my first-time implementation of SOC 2. It was so helpful in how to structure our processes and how to manage risks that I ended up recovering the cost multiple times over with just the first project. Now I use it as a reference Kit for all my SOC 2 information security projects

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